Pregnancy and childbirth are experiences of profound change and vulnerability for every woman. Every aspect of life is changing and this period is usually accompanied by fears and joy, anxiety and love. Yes, just like a roller-coaster ride.

For women with past or current eating disorder, this ride might be even more bumpy. Changing body and an increased awareness of needing to nourish yourself and your unborn child, adds enormous amount of pressure. It is a very important time to acknowledge the struggle and take charge in your recovery.

  • If you feel that negative body image drains the joy our of your pregnancy
  • If you find it hard to nourish yourself appropriately
  • Obsessive thoughts and counting are getting out of control
  • Your partner and other support people seem to be unable to find a way to better support you
  • You feel alone and isolated

You should not struggle in silence, reaching out for help can alleviate your symptoms so that you can enjoy your pregnancy and stay healthy.

I work with individuals with Eating Disorders for several years already. I know firsthand how tough is the struggle to nourish yourself, to accept yourself and to forgive yourself. I bring my knowledge and expertise, as well as my attention, presence and passion to help you thrive.

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