Empowered Families Project is a name of psychotherapy practice founded by Azhar Sultanova, MFT. The practice is centered around individuals, who struggle with eating disorders, and their families. 

What is an eating disorder?

Eating Disorder is an illness, that affects people with certain genetic and personality predisposition. Struggling with disordered eating is not a choice. It is a serious condition that can be fatal due to health complications. Person with an eating disorder is always thinking about food, his/her body, diets, calories, weight or exercise. Their whole life begins to revolve around those thoughts and behaviors, which is extremely isolating and lonely.

If you only suspect that you or your loved one might have an eating disorder, it is vital to be evaluated by a professional in order to start treatment as soon as possible. Waiting and hoping it will go away can be very dangerous, if an eating disorder is actually present.

Azhar is an eating disorder therapist located at Portland, Oregon. She brings to the table her experience working at the Healthy Teen Project, the Eating Disorder treatment center for teens and their families in Northern California, where she spent countless hours doing individual, family and group therapy. Currently, she works at the Center for Discovery (Portland) as an on-call therapist and sees her clients in outpatient setting in her private practice office.

Full recovery from an Eating Disorder is 100% possible! It is possible to live a life that is fulfilling and authentic.

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