My name is Azhar Sultanova, and I have always felt a deep calling to be a helper. Since I was a child, I found myself being the person that others turned to when they needed someone to talk to or confide in. Listening to people’s thoughts and emotions came naturally to me, and I knew that I wanted to dedicate my life to helping others.

After completing my studies at UC Santa Barbara, I briefly explored the option of becoming a researcher at Stanford. However, I soon realized that my true passion lay in working directly with people. I pursued my Masters in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University, combining my love for science with my desire to make a direct impact on individuals’ lives.

When I sit in the therapy room with my clients, I create a safe and welcoming space for them. It is here that they can freely explore their past, experience the present, and plan for the future. Witnessing the growth that occurs during therapy is awe-inspiring to me. I am constantly amazed by the power of finding one’s voice and using it to communicate effectively with loved ones and the world. It brings me immense joy to utilize my skills and knowledge to assist people in transforming their lives.


One of my areas of specialization is treating eating disorders. I work with both adults and adolescents who struggle with Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge Eating Disorder. My personal experience as a woman in a weight-focused society fuels my passion for helping those battling eating disorders. I have gained valuable clinical experience from working in higher levels of care eating disorder treatment centers and from my years in private practice. Currently, I serve as a Program Director at the Los Gatos Therapy Center, where I oversee and supervise eating disorder services at the Residential, PHP, and IOP levels of care. Alongside my work there, I also maintain a small private practice. Furthermore, I actively contribute to the field as a board member of Eating Disorder Recovery Support (EDRS), an organization dedicated to supporting professionals specializing in eating disorder treatment.

Couples therapy is another area of specialization that I am deeply passionate about. I work with both married and non-married couples, including heterosexual and gay couples. I firmly believe, supported by psychological research, that healthy romantic relationships are fundamental to physical health and overall life satisfaction. When individuals experience satisfaction in their romantic relationships, other stressors become more manageable. Conversely, when there is dissatisfaction in a relationship, other stressors tend to be amplified and harder to handle. Guiding couples to effectively communicate, emotionally support each other, and nurture their love is a mission close to my heart.

Being a therapist is not just a profession for me; it is a calling. I am driven by the belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to live a fulfilling and happy life, and I am dedicated to supporting individuals and couples in their journey towards growth, healing, and transformation.

Couple fun facts about me:

  • I speak Russian fluently. 
  • I love to dance and Jiu-jitsu is my happy place, where I get to unleash my passion for martial arts!
  • I have traveled to every continent except Antarctica.
  • Being a mother to two boys fills my heart with an indescribable amount of love and wonder.


Fee for a 50-minute session is $225

Fee for FBT family sessions is $285

I have limited space for sliding scale clients, based on the need and financial circumstances.

Private pay only. I am considered an out-of-network provider for most insurance companies and can provide you with superbill, that you can submit to you insurance company and get reimbursement for my services.

You can contact me if you have any questions or want to set up an appointment:


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